These seventy four minutes of jazz fusion/world music is some of the most thrilling I have heard. The guitarist Yosi Levy created a musical tapestry with a beautiful integration of styles: Israeli, jazz, oriental, and Indian music. Levi is a tireless adventurer, invading new musical territories. His collaborators in painting this modern musical picture are two musicians of dexterity and style: the Israeli flutist Ilan Salem and the acclaimed Indian tabla player Bickram Ghosh. The combination of styles allows for an improvisational vastness in their playing and ornamentation. This creation stems from the freedom Levi takes in reaching new regions of sound and his ability to develop new musical forms. The multicultural, cosmopolitan music of their playing together is sensational. The sound of the tabla spices up the very integrative mix of the project.

Yosi Levy skillfully combines classical and jazz with astounding control. With his flute, Ilan Salem paints the project with a Mediterranean sound, beautiful and lyrical. It is worth getting the album just in order to hear the 13-minute arrangement of “The Flute” (David Zehavi), a kind of oeuvre within the album. The opening piece, “For Bickram,” summarizes the project by containing the major motifs of color, melodic themes, playing styles, improvisation and singing found in the album. This is crackling, hot, and bright. Ethnic music, world, jazz…the whole shebang.

 Yosi Harsonsky – HARSONSKY MUSIC