The Yosi Levy Acoustic Project- new cd-liner notes

Modern jazz, Israeli folk songs, and Indians rhythms, this is the combination of styles which the project’s music is made of. Yosi

Levy the founder and the leader of the project, composed and

arranged the music along with flautist Ilan Salem. They take

their own compositions, and pieces based on classic Israeli folk songs, like “Erev Shel Shoshanim” or “Shir Hechalil” and wrap them in new and different colors, driven by the haunting sound of Mr. Gosh’s tabla. Their strong natural chemistry moves the music to fresh new territories. Thought the project members come from different musical cultures, their improvisational abilities – the essence of jazz and Indian music –  let them “talk” without any effort, and to create an adventurous yet enjoyable music.
The “ACOUSTIC PROJECT” led by Yosi Levy, is an ongoing labor of love for the acoustic sound and improvisation. Through evolving formats (trio, duo, solo) and personnel,- Itai Kriss – flute and Kaushik Konwar – tabla – it always keeps the same ingredients: modern jazz, Israeli folk songs, and Indian rhythms.